Thursday, August 5, 2010

Travel Envy

I love to travel. I don't have the resources (money, vacation days) to travel as much as I'd like to (every other week), but I love to travel.

Driving is the way to go,
especially if you don't have small children and a time constraint. I enjoy the scenery and freedom that car travel provides. I like the ability I have pull over and take a picture or check out that hole-in-the-wall place that turns out to be an absolute gem of the area's culture.

Music is a must. Good tunes shared with good friends are essential for road travel.

I've noticed that travel is becoming an idol in my life. I live from trip to trip. Immediately when returning from a trip, I'm already planning for the next trip. If I don't have someplace to go for several months at a time, I find myself getting restless and discontent. I get jealous of friends that get to travel often.

I share this today to declare my love of travel, but also as a public confession. I share this so you can slap me around if you see me talking about a trip with more passion than I have for God.