Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogs Are Totally Rad!!

I'm writing this entry tonight for the simple fact of trying to look cool. I really wish I had something profound to say. I don't. My fist raises to my head and knocks against my skull only to get the hollow coconut sound we're all accustomed to from our favorite Saturday morning cartoons when we were kids. Maybe I could write about cartoons. They are cool, right?

I keep trying to introduce my children to cartoons that I loved when I was a kid: Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Scooby Doo, The Flinstones. We have found a cartoon that we all love. Phineas and Ferb. If you haven't seen it on Disney, you really should check it out. In the same vein as so many great cartoons in the past, it is written with humor adults can enjoy without destroying the innocence of our children.

I'm semi-addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook.

My friend, Mike, wrote a blog this evening and mentioned something in there about a pie bazaar. I wish he wouldn't have because now I'm totally jonesin' for a slice. I'm craving some homemade coconut cream pie that is still warm from the oven. I had that once at The Feed Barn in Mitchell, Nebraska. The place is great for a homemade slice of pie and cup of coffee. Homemade pie is hard to find in restaurants around here these days.

I don't spend enough time writing music or taking pictures. I would love to do both more. I should focus on that.

Level 42 is one of my musical guilty pleasures that the majority of my friends, and my wife, all shake their head at. They are this weird, jazzy, poppy, prog-funk group. You should check them out. I highly recommend their earlier works from 1982-1986. Get their Physical Presence Volume One and Two if you get the chance.

I don't have a problem with coveting much in life...but travel is one of those things where I really struggle with coveting. When I hear of friends taking trips or my folks taking trips, I really have to fight the urge and focus on being content. I love traveling and would do it all the time if money were not an issue...oh and time off...

I get the opportunity to go on a cross-country venture with my friend, Mark, later this Spring. We will be headed to South Carolina to visit a mutual friend of ours. I'm so very excited about this trip...giddy as a school girl might be a more appropriate term. This will be uncharted territory for me as I have never been further east than Louisville, KY. I'm hoping to snap lots of pictures, eat lots of good food (we have made a rule that we must eat at only local chains), and take you along on the journey as I blog about MANTRIP 2010!!!! In my head there was lots of reverb on MANTRIP 2010!!!!

I'm done with my rambling. Have a good night!


  1. Sorry about that. Thought the pie thing would be a nice, non-descript event safe to bring up without hurting anyone's feelings 'cuz that's no one's pet project here. Hope you get your fix soon... I'll be more careful next time.

  2. As you know, I'm stoked for ManTrip 2010 as well. I haven't been any farther south or east since I helped Casey move to Nashville in
    2000(???). I'm thinking about spending some of my hard earned cash on another food book, Southern Belly. Its all about eats in the South. Hmmm...I was going to post about our trip and make fun of your proclivity for Level 42, and instead I'm posting about food. Lets try again.

    Cartoons: I've sorta given up on introducing my kids to the classics, but I believe we are seeing some of the best cartoon movies being made today, particularly films by Pixar. I loved The Incredibles, Up! and Ratatoullie. Wall-E was pretty good as well. My kids love all those movies, and I think they have great stories, lotsa laughs, and most of all, strong family themes that are not cloying feel-good-about-yourself mumbo jumbo. The Incredibles especially gets a lot of play at my house, so much so that when I was trying to describe my job today one my kids said, "Like Mr Incredible when he working that bad job at his office." I explained to them that Mr Incredible and myself had several things in common, like crappy jobs lying to customers and that I would soon get into awesome physical shape like Mr Incredible, but that I was not planning to visit a remote exotic location and destroy super robots. Or discover a new arch nemesis. Unless things get super weird in South Carolina.

  3. mmm pie. Level 42 is pretty guilty. But then again I like Spandau Ballet

  4. My youngest daughter came downstairs whilst I was perusing your blog, looked at your picture, looked at the blog graphic (Homer's brain) and said. "Is that Shane's brain?"