Tuesday, April 27, 2010


4-24-10...11:24 PM

It's been a looooooooong day of driving. We woke up early this morning and after a good homemade breakfast, we got on the road shortly after 8:00 AM.

We encountered quite a bit of rain today. There were times it was tough to see the road around St. Louis. We came upon a semi-truck that must have had some issues too as his truck and trailer were jack-knifed on the road. That caused us to experience a bit of a delay. It looked like the driver of the truck was safe and sound.

We stopped in Concordia, Missouri for lunch at a place called Biffles Smoke House Bar-B-Que. I had the combination plate that consisted of 2 pork ribs, smoked ham, smoked pork, and smoked brisket. I chose fries and baked beans for my sides. It was way too much food and sat heavy for the next couple hours of riding in the car. It was very tasty though and I would recommend the place. The sauce they used seemed to taste like more of a Texas-based sauce....or at least what I always thing of Texas-based sauce to be. :)

We continued to boring drive across Illinois, a bit of Indiana and finally into Kentucky. Before hitting Mark's brother's house we stopped at Zaxby's, a fast-food chicken finger joint. We got there at 9:42 PM before they closed at 10:00. The help was not happy to see us and I'm sure they probably spit in our food. Zaxby's is nothing special and it is not something I will crave or seek to go to again.

Overall, it was a good day of travel and conversation. The entire journey today has seen lush, green, tree-covered, rolling hills. It's been beautiful.

Some things we listened today in the car included NPR Podcasts and "It's Tricky" from Run DMC!

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